When you first go to 1090 Bicycle Society website you will notice a Google map at the top of the page, most likely you will see the map with icons scattered on it, each icon represents a 1090 post. The 1090 posts under the map with a map location included are shown on the Google map.

The magnifying glass on the Google map toggles the search option for the 1090 posts. You can search by text, date, or categories. The magnifying glass background will be green if a search is active and white when the search is clear. Enter the search options then click (or tap) the Search button to initiate the search. Use the Clear button to clear the search options and show all 1090 posts on the map.

The text input at the bottom of the map is used to move the map center to the location entered. The Google map zoom and scroll/pan functions are just like you are used to on your device. You can click (or tap) on a map pin icon for a pop-up summary of that 1090 post and a link to the full 1090 post details. It is possible that a 1090 post has no image, video, or map location (that would be boring), however, every post is required to have a title and message. Posts without a map location will display below the map without a corresponding icon on the map. The 1090 posts may include a YouTube video and/or multiple images.



Each post has an auto-slideshow feature that will cycle through the post images. Maps when clicked (or tapped) will become live with zoom and scroll functions, you can also click (or tap) the full screen icon. The YouTube videos when clicked (or tapped) will start to play and have the usual video player controls and a full screen option.


If the 1090 post has a website URL included, an icon link will show at the top right of the post. If you are logged in and the 1090 post belongs to you, an edit icon link will show at the top right of the post. The 1090 posts rating and comments are located at the bottom of each post. The 1090 post rating is a scale of 1 to 5 stars. You need to be a member and login to leave comments or rate a 1090 post. 





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